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Beach Bum DLC coming soon

Rockstar Games announced this DLC last week while talking about the GTA Online Stimulus Package Direct Deposit, which consisted in $500.000 to all GTA Online players in compensation for all the bugs the game came with.

This DLC will come with 300 new beach-themed outfits for our characters in GTA Online, and will be absolutely free.


Assets leak of GTA V

From Sony we got a apology because some of the digital content (assets) were able to access in the Store over the weekend. Among all the content was possible to access to the sountrack of the game and more secrets and details. With all of this spoilers spreading and many secrets revealed, Rockstar is very dissapointed.

Here is one picture of the map of GTA V leaked by the hackers.


GTA V will need two discs in Xbox 360

Rockstar said that the game will need two disks to be playable in xbox 360. One of tem will have the mandatory installation of 8GB of data, if you have the 4GB hard drive Xbox you will ned an extra place to save the data.

It won’t be necessary to change the disc while you are playing.

In Ps3 we won’t have two discs, just one blu-ray, but again we will need 8GB to install the game.


GTA V cover