GTA V Cheats

Here you will discover the best cheats fot Grand Theft Auto V. Every cheat include a video explaining how it works.

Personal skill cheats

Raise wanted level

Want some extra action? Use this cheat code to be the most wanted

Action! »

Lower wanted level

Is the police chasing you? Use this code to avoid 'em

Free yourself »

Drunk Mode

Get drunk without drinking!

Go... "hip!" »


Spawn in the sky with this cheat code

Jump to it »

Super Jump

Be Michael Jordan in GTA V! Jump up to the sky with this cheat code

Reach it »

Max Health and Armor

No need of hospitals with this cheat code

Heal yourself »


Nobody can kill you now! Cheat yourself with this code

See how »

Faster swim

Check out this cheat code in order to swim faster in GTA V

Get 22 medals »

Faster run

Do you want to run as fast as Usain Bolt in GTA V? Try this

Run run run! »

Ability recharge

Spam your ability and rule 'em all

Recharge it »

Weapons cheats

All weapons

Stuff your arsenal! Get all weapons and full ammo with this cheat code

Catch 'em all »

Explosive melee attacks

Kick asses with this cheat code

Kick it! »

Explosive bullets

Cheat code for shooting explosive bullets

Bang it! »

Slow-motion aim

Use this cheat code to aim in slow motion

Slo-mo go »

Flaming bullets

Burn anything with this cheat code

Burn it »

Ride cheats

Stunt Plane

Time to make some stunts in the air. Get your plane with this cheat code

Get my plane »

Rapid GT

Want even more speed? Get an awesome car with this cheat code

Pimp my ride »


Clean the streets with this cheat code

Trash it out »


Win all the races with an incredible motorcycle using this cheat code

Get my bike »


Get the legendary Sanchez motorbike using this cheat code

Climb all mountains »


Use this cheat code to spawn a Duster aircraft

Fly to it »


Want some speed? Get a Comet with this cheat code

Win all races »


Playing golf? Get a caddy with this cheat code

To the next hole »


Throw some fire from the air with this cheat code

Fire the world »


Get a BMX by using this cheat code>

Do some tricks »


Too high? Use this cheat code and get a parachute to slow the fall

Slow me down »

Environment cheats

Change Weather

Have a sunny day with this cheat code

Get a sunbath »

Moon gravity

Play GTA V with less gravity

Launch cheat »

Slidey cars

Use this cheat code for some crazy driving

Slide to it »